The price policy of our clinic is as follows:

The high-quality dentistry and maintaining the highest standards to which we aspire, require materials and equipment from the world leaders in the industry. This requires keeping prices that ensure these high standards. However, we believe that our services must be accessible to the average customer. That's why we have a contract with the NHIF, despite the minimal number of activities included in this contract. We have contracts with most private health insurance funds, ie employees in companies with such additional subscriptions can use them in our clinic.

In conclusion - we provide high quality services at competitive prices.

When you trust us with complete oral rehabilitation or other full treatment, we can provide an individual payment plan written in details.

"Provydent" Dental Clinic is one of the first dental clinics which provides services in instalments.

We have a contract with TBI Bank for partial or full payment of our services from 200 to 10,000 Bulgarian leva. This is a unique opportunity if you need special or complete dental treatment. Application is carried out on site at the clinic and the answer is received within half an hour.



We accepts all types of credit and debit cards








Lozenets, str. Vezen 12А, Floor 6 Sofia

Tel: 0879 806077

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